May 29, 2016

Fix For WordPress 2.8.x for Google Friend Connect if not Working in Firefox 3.5

Last day i noticed that my Google-Friend connect plugin is not working for my latest wordpress.I tried a lot to find out the issues behind that.I realized that it is not a code issue since gadget is shown properly in a static page.So,there must be clashes with other plugin codes which might prevent my gadget to load up.I have been seeing  just a empty plain or white box ,nothing else.

I searched a lot,and at last found out the issue.It was a bug in Prototype JS Framework which causes it to interfere with the Native JSON parser in Firefox 3.5 and leads to the GFC-prototype conflict.[Refer Explanation]

So,Just copy this piece of code and paste it above the google-connect gadget code.The better option is ,place the code in the header.php of the wordpress code.

window.JSON = {
parse: function(st){
return st.evalJSON();
stringify: function(obj){
return Object.toJSON(obj);

Useful Firefox Extensions in Daily life

Minimize firefox to system tray for linux users

It would become extremely handy for us,if we could minimize firefox windows to system tray so that we could do other jobs in parallel and uncrowded.There is a extension called FIRETRAY , which is exclusively for linux users.we just need to click on to the tray icon for maximising and minimizing the browser window.

Set GMAIL as DEFAULT email client

This will help you to launch gmail for MAILTO links.

  1. Open Gmail in Firefox.
  2. In the tab where Gmail is loaded, copy and paste the following snippet of JavaScript into your address bar:

Firefox 3 will ask permission to add Gmail as default mailto handler. Click the Add Application button

To remove the Gmail handler, in Firefox’s Tools menu, choose Options.  In the Applications tab, search for mailto. From the drop-down of mailto handlers, choose Applications Details, as shown. Here you can select a webapp handler and Remove it using the button