May 26, 2016

Adsense and SEO Optimization Tips:Earn High Income From Sites

1.Choose a high paying niche without too much competition.
Target a specific audience.You can search traffic for particular keywords and include such keywords in your post.

use keyword tool for it…

2.Put your targeted-keyword on Page Title and posts.

3.AdSense Earning = Impression-count x Click-though-rate x Cost-per-click x smart-pricing-factor.

Impression count is basically referring to your traffic. It means the number of times AdSense block is displayed.
Click-through-rate (CTR) is ratio of clicks per impressions. It can range from 0.1% to 30%, but most commonly around 1% to 10%.

Cost-per-click (CPC) is the earning you get per click. While traditionally it refers to the amount advertisers pay for each click, it can also mean the amount publishers get for each click.

Smart-pricing is AdSense method to determine how valuable clicks from your site is worth. If clicks on your site doesn’t provide good value to advertisers, e.g. from visitors’ geo-location that seldom translate to sales, you will only get a fraction of the supposed CPC.

4.Submit your website to directories for inclusion, e.g., yahoo directories and other plog directories.Submit your URL to search engines for crawling.Create and submit your sitemaps to Google Sitemap (sitemap.xml) and Yahoo (urllist.txt). Optimize for different engines as well. You are very likely to face less competition than in Google.

5.Forum generally have high impressions count, but very low CTR.

6.Try to focus more on what visitors want from your site.New visitors have higher chance to click on the ads than regular visitors, thus higher CTR (click-through rate).Regular visitors have higher chance to recommend your site to others.

7.Get domain name that contains your targeted keyword.Try to update your site regularly and add more posts each day so that crawling will be done by search engine immediately.

Prevent Getting Banned From Adsense

Dont ever get banned from adsense if you have clicked your ads,by mistake…follow this technique

The way I keep this from happening is I temporarily block
the domain name Google’s ads are served from.

First, find your HOSTS file which depends on which os you are using.

Open Notepad or any text editor.   Go to File, and Choose Open.

If you have Windows 95, 98, or ME browse to the folder

If you have Windows XP Home browse to the folder

If you have anything else (Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000, NT,
2003, etc.) browse to the folder:

Once you’re there, open the file called “hosts”. If you
don’t see anything listed just type the word hosts and the
file should open up. Just the word “hosts”, no extension or
anything after that. It’s probably blank but it might not

Add this line:

And save. You’re done.

Now go back to a site that you know has some Google Ads.
There should be an empty space where the ads appeared.

Want to turn it off? Don’t just delete it, put a “#” sign in
front of that line, like this which is equivalent to commenting the statement:


What’s that do? It basically says “ignore this line.” I like
to leave it like that so when I want to hide Google Ads
again, all I have to do is remove the “#” sign and save –
then put the “#” back in when I’m ready to go back to

To me, making a quick change in your HOSTS file to turn
AdSense on and off is easier than fiddling around with a
firewall program.

Hope this helps.