May 27, 2016

SEO – Organic Link Building

Organic link building has become a crucial part of SEO work. The good news is there are many simple and very effective ways of doing it. Even better is that when you build links organically you can do it extremely cheap. The following methods will help you to easily build organic links.


Create Unique Fresh Content - Be sure your content is unique, relevant, interesting, and updated. Content is the engine of your site success. It is powerful. How powerful is determined by your content. Good stuff attracts good organic inbound links.


Join Online Communities – Become an active participant within the social media communities. Find places where your website theme is similar and take part in forums and discussions. Prove you are an expert and people will naturally want to link to you.


Guest Blogging- It is hard to find anyone who will refuse freebies. Try volunteering to write for other blogs relevant to your niche. You can submit to high quality blogs while adding your own link at the same time. If your writing influences readers, you can see instant results in your link building. This also works the other way. Invite high ranking blog owners to guest blog for your site.


Add A Blog To Your Website - Connect a blog with your website and keep it updated with fresh content. Invite readers to comment and like and share your page. This is a great link building method (and organic).


Post On Relevant Blogs - Find blogs with high PRs that are relevant to your own site or business. Post comments on the ‘do-follow’ sites. Make positive contributions to the discussions and never spam.


Press Releases – Write some content about current newsworthy topics and then submit it to high PR news sites like ‘Google News’. You will be surprised at how many people visit sites like that. They look for good articles and post the links on their own sites.


YouTube Videos – Place some videos on YouTube. It happens to be the third largest social networking website in the entire world. Make some interesting videos on issues related to your business, then optimize it to increase your visibility and you will obtain some organic links.


How-To Guides & Tutorials – Create a few of these and add them to your site. Share some promos and some clippings in online communities that are relevant. Establish yourself as being very knowledgeable in your field and people will link up to you.


Post Reviews – You can write some product reviews that are relevant to your business and then submit them to product review sites. Just ensure they are honest and of good quality. You can get a quick surge in links from working these portals.


Utilize Pinterest – Pinterest is a treasure-trove of organic links. Add plenty of relevant content to your pin-board and then share it on your social networks. Every image that gets pinned will be a source for an organic link.


These tips can cost you very little and bring you excellent results.

SEO Tips-Keyword Placement

Proper keyword placement can be vitally important in your SEO work. It can be a huge factor in where your are successful at all. The reason is because having relevant keywords or phrases means you have what you need to attract the right people who are looking for what your are selling. They can locate you when they type in your keywords. They also play a major role in how well your site ranks with the search engines.

All marketers have a goal of being in the top position (#1) in the SERPS. There are some marketers who also seem confused by proper keyword placement. They should not let the term scare them. There is no need to be some expert. It is easy to learn how to properly place your keywords.

There were times years ago that a lot of marketers used unethical methods of keyword placement to get higher rankings with the search engines. For a while it worked, but then Google along with the other major search engines cracked down hard to point of banning many sites.

To practice keyword placement you also need to understand keyword density. All that means is how many times you use specific keywords within a page of your content. How do you know? It depends on the audience you are targeting. If you want to try and build relationships with your target audience, then the number of keywords is not important. If you want to please the search engines and rank higher to draw more visitors then it does matter.

It is a personal preference. Giving your readers the best ‘easy to read’ quality information is the best way to keep them. Building a good reputation online is also vital to your success.

When practicing proper keyword placement your content should flow naturally and it will not seem as if you are trying to place words in where better words could have been used. Don’t force them in. It should be easy for the search engine spiders to crawl.

Anytime you write content to please the search engines, just remember that the standard density falls between 1 to 3 percent of your overall content. If your content is 400 words, then your keywords should appear around 4 or maybe 5 times. Adding more than that is known as ‘keyword stuffing’. Search engines do not like that and will rank you low for it.

A good rule of thumb is to have your keyword placed in your title. Then place it once in the very first paragraph, then once again somewhere in the middle of your content. Then finally place it in the last paragraph. It’s a simple as that. You can now go and handle your keyword placement like a champ.