May 30, 2016

WordPress Plugin:WP-ZoomImage With CopyProtect

I was searching for a proper script to zoom or pop out images neatly which are embedded in my wordpress pages. I came across fancyzoom script which does my job,but i need to integrate this script my wordpress.Also,another issue which is common in gallery sites or image linked sites is,copyright violence.So,I have written new plugin “WP-ZoomImage With CopyProtect” which does both,copyprotection for website owners and zoom out page codes.WP ZoomImage brings Integration of Copy Protect feature with FancyZoom which pops up images on a page without having to load an entirely new page.

WP-ZoomImage With CopyProtect


1.Pop Up images or Zoom out with a click.

2.Enable Message displayed to your user when he does fraudulent actions.

3.Disable Selection of you text and Right Click for users depending on the option.

4.You can see zoom effect automatically on any direct link to an image . * Any title=’…’ attribute in your link automatically turns into a caption.

You can pop up an image or thumbnail by just clicking on it and it will disappear when you click it again.It is demonstrated in the image shown below.


Stable release till wordpress 3.x

How to install and use

* Extract and upload the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
* Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
* Go to Settings and then WP-ZoomImage to configure.


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Whatever be the amount you donate,it will be a great help to me to pay for the server costs.I will list you in donors section of the plugin below this post and also in my plugin settings page of next version release .reply here or mail to

Donors of this plugin

Please donate and i will add your link.


Stable release till wordpress 3.x

Suggestions ,Comments and doubts

If you have any suggestions or doubts,feel free to comment here and i will reply to you as soon as possible.Please leave mail id’s so that i can mail you back.Make your content copy protected and feel happy of it.

For bloggers and any other sites,make copy protected by referring Copy Protect your Websites or Blogs from Fraudulent Users

Installation and Usage help

The message is displayed when the user tried to copy.The message can be configured in the settings section of the plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zooming Image is not working properly after i updated the plugin.

Answer:If you are finding issues after updating the plugin,click on “update option” in the admin page of the plugin.You may enable some options and later you can disable them.

Fix For WordPress 2.8.x for Google Friend Connect if not Working in Firefox 3.5

Last day i noticed that my Google-Friend connect plugin is not working for my latest wordpress.I tried a lot to find out the issues behind that.I realized that it is not a code issue since gadget is shown properly in a static page.So,there must be clashes with other plugin codes which might prevent my gadget to load up.I have been seeing  just a empty plain or white box ,nothing else.

I searched a lot,and at last found out the issue.It was a bug in Prototype JS Framework which causes it to interfere with the Native JSON parser in Firefox 3.5 and leads to the GFC-prototype conflict.[Refer Explanation]

So,Just copy this piece of code and paste it above the google-connect gadget code.The better option is ,place the code in the header.php of the wordpress code.

window.JSON = {
parse: function(st){
return st.evalJSON();
stringify: function(obj){
return Object.toJSON(obj);