May 31, 2016

Download whole Gmail To your Computer For Offline Use

Gmail is coming up with more and more abilites which has attracted millions of users from other mail accounts like yahoo,msn.They have introduced much extra features through lab features which are presently in testing stage but users can still use it .You can view and enable them from the tab which appears in right most corner of the gmail.

The latest lab feature is the ‘offline gmail’,which ultimately gives the power to download all or selected gmail mails or messages to your pc for the offline use.once you enable ‘Offline Gmail’ from the Labs tab under Settings, you can choose which messages get downloaded. On the Offline tab under Settings, you’ll see your current settings and be able to set how much mail you want to download from each of your labels.

When you hit save, Gmail will synchronize new messages you didn’t have downloaded before and remove the ones you’re not planning to read from your hard drive. You can always change your settings back to keep fewer or more messages later on — fewer messages means Offline Gmail runs faster


  1. Ampersand says:

    why not just use mozilla thunderbird? it does basically the same thing in a much better UI. it also takes multiple accounts, which is great if you have a hotmail and a gmail.

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