May 27, 2016

Electronic Medical Records

Paper based records have become completely outdated with the arrival of EMR .It gives much more advantages to each individual,driving the world to electronic media.Costs of storage media,time consumption in providing them,its copying and transfer, updation of records,easier handling,less complication,more legibility are some of the advantages,Read EMR  REVIEWS.

EMR gives ability to read and update a patient’s record not only from a workstation ,even from a hand mobile proving its easier access.EMR software systems can even analyze patient’s record data,gather more information,predict and thus prevent adverse effects.The key point is,you have to compare and analyze EMR vendors to maximum depth so that all your needs would get satisfied. The various evaluation aspects that need to be considered include: Evaluate the EMR Vendor Your EMR software vendor should be evaluated for stability, reliability, size and resources, years in business, number of past installations, number of employees devoted to software development, etc.The other important determining factors are Evaluating the Software Functionality and Flexibility,Evaluating the Certification of the EMR Software,Evaluating Capabilities of EMR etc.Read EMR IMPLEMENTATION.
The major concerns arising these days are confidentiality of these records and also interoperability  between different EMR records giving these records unique and universal nature and less headache for the patients. Also,comprehensive set of support services like medical billing and transcriptions have to be investigated thoroughly before choosing EMR vendors.


  1. I definitely agree that you should evaluate years in business when researching an EMR vendor – these vendors are now popping up overnite.

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