May 27, 2016

Get Answers For all Your Technical Doubts For Free

It is said that Problems don’t exist without solution.This is very true in case of technical Field too.We have come across different sites where we get answers for any doubt within minutes.

Yahoo answers is one of best reliable sites where users can acquire points based on the votes received for their answers.Users can ask questions as well as post answers ,thus getting to higher levels in the point-reward reputation system.Thus,Users will get most suited answers for their questions in the real life without paying a single penny.All you have to do is just to be a yahoo user.

Similarly,many forums do exist helping all online users to get all their doubts,clarified .Another reliable forum which usually comes to the top searches,is need to register in the site and need to acquire minimum 10000 points to ask a doubt before specialized technical team.People who are not signed in are redirected to a page where they can sign up, when they try to visit any Experts-Exchange page beyond the first page. However, due to a search engine optimization requirement, answers can be freely viewed by visitors that enter the site via a search engine results page, simply by scrolling down to the very bottom of pages where the answers are displayed.This is a trick in-order to bypass site registration and to view all solution immediately in the link.

If you got any link to experts-exchange site,(may be through google search or other search engine result),
1.Search for the term/link in Google Search so that you will get the Google link for the specific forum thread.
2. Check for the cached link near to Google search result and click it.

3. Scroll down to the end of the page, and here you will get the answers for free.

In this way you can get the answers from for free without paying a penny and without registration. You can use the same technique for many other sites which ask you to register and see its solution.

FuqEE is also a web service that allows you to get free and instant access to the Experts Exchange answers.


  1. Thanks
    for smart suggestion

  2. is very good place for getting answers but sadly it is paid…

    i will try ur tips for finding answers from it free.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Yes, I like to use Yahoo Answers to get my questions answered. I have not tried FuqEE. I will try it.

  4. ethiraj says:

    hi friends,
    i was bought a dell inspiron 1545 i want install the windows xp service2 or 3 …i tried but its shows the following error “uninstall new version software or hardware close the setup windows and run chkdsk in run prompt ” waiting for answer

  5. Just stopping by to congratulate you for the super read. it was actually deserving of my time reading this post. Waiting for significantly more great content soon! I subscribed to your feed!

  6. I think Yahoo Answers is one of best places, where you can find answers to your questions! Thank you for sharing this good content. :)

  7. I have a wifi Internet connection at home. i allows only single user to access the Internet and doesn’t allow other user to connect to the Internet ,can you tell me how to solve this problem. the LAN computer uses ubuntu Os. how to crack the router settings and allow Internet access to my laptop?

  8. venkatesh reddy says:

    Now I am doing Hotel management System as a major project. in that I am using the SAP Crystal reports.

    In that i created the crystal report and i dragged the CrystalReportViewer then i got the follwing error….

    Error:: Object reference not set to an instance of an Object…..

  9. I would like to know how to play and store HD video files. whether windows 7 software will support the HD video player?.

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