May 26, 2016

I-Phone 4 features

I-Phone 4 what’s new?

I think today everybody is familiarized with the word iphone. I phone also known as smart phone a cell phone with wonderful features .First iphone was introduced by Apple incorporation in January 2007.

Different features provided by I phones are internet connectivity,Multimedia player, digital camera, Wi-Fi, messaging (text and voice), add-ons and awesome touch screen system.

iphone 4 has the enclosure is 9.3 mm thin therefore it is the thinnest smart phone till now .In the body of the phone endurable glass is used that is also recyclable and make the phone environment friendly.

I phone 4has 960-by-640 backlit LCD display that makes it more beautiful and visible and colors schemes are very good because 326 pixels density.

Apple iphone4 is an extreme power pack and perform all the tasks very efficiently.Now no need to think about the speed again

And again and you can manage your work with convenience and accuracy.

I phone 4 provide the facility of performing multiple tasks at a time.And as I told you before it has so strong chip so that it can handle all your tasks. Load of work can be managed by with Help of extremely powerful chip.

iPhone 4 has such powerful camera .You can take beautiful pictures,snaps,Lovely Still photoes and make movie . for iphone 4 camera lighting is not a problem at all as it manages the light with its light sensors. The camera is 5 megapixel camera with flash which make the photos and movies more lively. iphone 4 has provided tremendous facility of video calls (the call in which you can have audio and video at the same time) and it has become possible because of two built in cameras. This video calling does not need a lot of things to do just click on the required tab and you will get result.

I phone 4 has another exciting feature .Instead of having only one microphone it has dual microphone one for mobile calling and other for video calls .As both are on different position on the iphone, you can get access to both at the same timed.

iphone 4 has beautiful touch system. Touch system allows you get your desired work done with so much ease .Extremely smooth and flawless interface .It’s just one touch and you are done.

On the top of all iphone4 provides a large collection of add-ons with it.

So what are you waiting for go ahead if you are planning to get a luxurious portable phone I think iphone 4 will be an ultimate option for you.

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  1. This is nice information being shared.. I was aware of the touch system of Iphone 4 being good. But never ever though that Apple could do so well with its new camera. And especailly when you would want to take snaps in dark.

  2. iPhone 4S has received familiar exterior, whereas, if we recollect the design of 4 which was unveiled in summer 2010, it was literally fabulous. People desired to touch it at least for once and hold it on their palms to see how it looks and how they feel holding in their hand. Likewise, this new piece has some captivating and finely crafted piece of machinery.


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