May 27, 2016

Practice management softwares

Practice management software systems are often connected to EMR (Electronic medical records) software solutions.EMR systems are mostly used for the assisting the practice with clinics, while PMS is used for administrative and financial matters,and its integration is considered to be one of the most challenging aspects in Practice management software technology.Refer EMR .PMS software usually allows to enter the information of patients,schedule the appointments,track the patients,generate patient’s statements,insurance claims,reports for clinical and administrative purposes etc.Though PMS software systems are commercial in nature,there are also free ones available without acquiring a license to operate.It completely deals with day-to-day operations of a medical practice.
With PMS,the various options include querying on patient’s data to generate different types of statistical reports,Quick reference of Pharmacology of thousands of medicines,Graphical display of  test values,issue in different formats of commonly used certificates and documents etc…refer Practice Management Software.PMS software even has Decision support system to extract detailed history of patient’s data and other clinical background information.


  1. Practice management software is very useful in many fields like official use, law firms, doctors etc. You can easily maintain your work on software with very ease.

  2. Improve patient satisfaction says:

    Good post, we BTW use for keeping a tab on patient feedback and to improve patient care. Works out well. Makes the staff also think twice about how they treat patients. Also, this is helping out to let go staff who are not doing a great job. What better way to document something than something that is provided to you by patients themselves. Plus, all staff wears a name tag just to make sure they know patients can see who the person is.

    Also, doctors are now reviewing these every month as well. They get positive and negative feedback about how patients feel about their treatment at the hospital.

    In the end only thing that matters is the patient care and preventative medicine.

    Keep up the good work. Great content!!!


  3. Best one.its so worth and impressed by seeing your post.The brief Description gives immense knowledge on practice management software and EMR.Thanks,Thank you so much for sharing this here.

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