May 26, 2016

Search Engine Optimization Part 1

If you are surprised by the factors that affect the search engine rankings of your keyword,  learn about this new query experiment.  ‘Urjnasw Xkfjjkn’  has become phenomenal buzzword in internet competing for its search engine result positions. I would be  playing with various factors that can possibly affect the search results and page rankings. It would be exciting to inspect each of the factors like Internal Links, Outgoing Links, Page Performance, Keyword Density , Keyword location (title,content,tags ), Page rank, Page encoding etc  and their effect in search displays.   Search engines will have different algorithms and strategies for keyword rankings and it would be interesting to know about various optimizations to be executed to get to Position #1 in Google and Bing.

Objective: Position #1 in Google and Bing

Techniques : Any SEO technique that is considered as White Hat

Are you prepared to see Urjnasw Xkfjjkn as #1 result in Google and Bing.  !!!

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