May 29, 2016

Wp-PreventCopyBlogs/ProtectCopyBlogs WordPress Plugin : Prevent and CopyProtect Your WordPress Blog from fraudulent copies

I have tried many plugins for wordpress which will prevent users copying your content.But,there are no complete functionalities for any of these plugins.These plugins wont track the visitors who tries to copy your content.So,i have decided to add these functions to my plugin.

This plugin is alternative for wp-preventcopyblogs plugin.

If you have installed wp-preventcopyblogs or wp-Zoom-CopyProtect plugins earlier, you must deactivate them and then use this plugin.All development and support will be provided only for this plugin.


1.Track the visitors who try to copy your content.

2.Record the ip of the user who tries to do fraudulent copy with their landing url of your site and referral url.This can help you to do necessary measures if you notice something bad.

3.Enable Message displayed to your user upon user’s choice.

4.Disable Selection of you text and Right Click for users depending on the option.

In latest stable release,

5.Disabling of right click without alert option is allowed,depending on user’s choice.



Stable release till wordpress 3.x


Advantages over other plugins

For any other plugins,Users can disable javascript on a wordpress page and do the fraudulent copies .But,in my plugin,if user tries to do so,their ip address is noted with their url in the database so that user can be tracked and filed with the proof of their activity.My plugin does every activity automatically and hidden.Make Your content unique and drive traffic to your site.

How to install and use

  • Extract and Upload onlyProtectCopyBlogs.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Go to Settings and then ProtectCopyProtect to configure.
  • You have to provide your database details.For this,You have to create a mysql database under a user and all information in the settings page.If you dont provide them also,the plugin will work but it wont track the information of your fraudulent visitors.
  • If you need to track the visitors,you can either open your database from console or phpadmin page or from the admin page iteslf.You can see three columns -ip,referral_url and relative url which are for ip of the visitor,which website has referred you and the page ,he is currently viewing.
  • I have added the feature of displaying entries in database in the admin panel itself.You dont not need to login to your database any more.


PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
Whatever be the amount you donate,it will be a great help to me to pay for the server costs.I will list you in donors section of the plugin below this post and also in my plugin settings page of next version release .reply here or mail to

Donors of this plugin

Please donate and i will add your link.


Stable release till wordpress 3.x

Suggestions ,Comments and doubts

If you have any suggestions or doubts,feel free to comment here and i will reply to you as soon as possible.Please leave mail id’s so that i can mail you back.Make your content copy protected and feel happy of it.

For bloggers and any other sites,make copy protected by referring Copy Protect your Websites or Blogs from Fraudulent Users

Installation and Usage help

The message is displayed when the user tried to copy.The message can be configured in the settings section of the plugin.

The settings page look like this where you can add database details and click on save settings.


  1. Surely this plugin would be of a great help if it is mad user friendly, means the users must not need to go to the database console.. (phpMyadmin)

  2. dont worry..iam including this update in the next release

  3. This is a cool plugin! And yea it would be better to see an interface where the fraudenters can be tracked.

    Why don’t you add this to the wordpress plugin directory?

  4. i have added that feature also,neeraj :)enjoy

  5. Ya I can see it now. Nice Work Dude… you are a genius!

  6. I installed the plugin and it said all was fine except at the bottom, was this warning:
    Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /…/wp-content/plugins/wp-preventcopyblogs/wp-PreventCopyBlogs.php on line 263
    What did I do wrong?

  7. Ref my previous post: When I left the setup page and later returned, the warning was NOT present.

  8. ray,is the plugin working now?

  9. Nice idea – although I know with my site is normally ripped off via the RSS feed. Presumably this won’t help with that?

  10. The error occurred, then I opened up the website and tried to right-click. I got the dialog and when I went back and checked the plug-in config page, my ip was listed there. So, yes, it is working. Thanks.

  11. Oh, and the error was NOT there any longer.

  12. hey stephen,
    the plugin you asked will be released soon…always better option is,always post summaries in rss ,rather than entire posts.this option is there in wordpress admin panel

  13. Hi there, Great plug-in, just have one question. I want to activate the ‘disable right click’ but I don’t want a message to pop up. I’ve checked ‘Disable right mouse click:’ and left the ‘Enable message to be displayed’ unchecked. When I do this the ‘disabled right mouse click’ does not appear to be activated on my website.
    Many thanks,

  14. i have reviewed your plugin request.i will implement this in the next release.Presently,It is made such that if right click is disabled,we will show your user defined comment pop up else,it will show generic right click options.

  15. Works great, thank you

  16. Great plugin. I was using another with just the popup feature. So much more here. It would be useful in future updates to include a 4th column for the database which would store a date of the access. This would be quite useful in tracking potential violations.
    Thanks for the great plugin.

  17. yeah,Roger,i will include it

  18. very nice .. thank you

  19. sorry, getting some errors ..

    Warning: mysql_real_escape_string(): 15 is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/public_html/ on line 450

    Warning: mysql_error(): 15 is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/public_html/ on line 685

    looked at wp-db.php but blessed if I can see what’s what.

    any ideas?

    many thanks.

  20. hey the_guv,
    there can be two reasons for this.Either,plugin is not compatible with your wordpress version or you are not able to connect to the database created.If all the settings are correct,problem might be with your version..what is your wordpress version?

  21. 2.8.4 is the version.

    thank you for your help on this.

    re the db, I’m using the same db and details in my wp-config. that’s right, no?

  22. hey the_guv,
    others have not reported any problems so far.always use a different database rather than using the same database of wordpress, for security reasons.i think,the only problem is with your database connectivity,please recheck these entries again.or,just try to connect to this database using a simple script,so that you can make sure of it.

  23. Hi, im wondering if what should I put for Server name? Im using byethost host

    If i put localhost my blog wont load and get this Couldnt connect to SQL Server on localhost.

    Need some help..

  24. i think that must not be a problem,localhost means that it is on the same sever itself ,check the other details also..try to connect to this database using a simple script,so that you can make sure of it.then reply….

  25. For me personally blogging is a joy. I look forward to my time in the website because not only am I the blogger, but I’m also a programmer. I learn from those I like because their experience is different than mine and often they will have an insight into something that I had never considered.

  26. (For compare with the 2 previous users) I am using WP 2.8.4 without any problems. I do have a separate database. The localhost function works great for WP & this plugin but I am using BlueHost. Previously, I used 1and1 and it did NOT allow “localhost” for my WP setup. Check with your hosting service.

  27. I have a feature request for the next version. Could you disallow all right-clicks EXCEPT to PASTE data into a comment field?
    I am writing a book online. My site allows users to post comments that I may consider for input into the final draft of the book. However, if I enable the no-right-click, then they must TYPE everything online. If I allow them to paste info from their computer, then anyone can right-click-print or other function.
    Another possibility is to only allow registered users to use the right click. Since I only allow registered users to comment on that site, then it would be fine to allow them to right-click-paste if non-registered users could not.
    But the first option is my choice.

  28. hey ray waldo,

    i will modify my plugin for you and will inform you soon

  29. That sounds GREAT! Working on two sites now and – other than the one suggestion – works great. Thanks for an excellent and useful (to me) plugin. I realize that this plugin is specific to a particular kind of site. I do not use it on any of the rest of my sites but the two: & are books that I am writing online. Registered users can make suggestions and comments but I do not want anyone to be able to copy the articles out. This plugin does that.

  30. I just discovered which will allow anyone to save almost any page and even convert it to plain text allowing printing, etc. This practically eliminates the functionality of your plug-in even if you disconnect the right-click!!

    The author of the site says that some sites cannot be saved by his service because, “Some sites block access to web crawlers, which will block or restrict Instapaper from saving them.” I don’t know how that works but his service does make use of java to bookmark a site for later reading (nice feature).

    Therefore, for your plugin to have any reasonable chance of success, it will have to those issues into consideration.

    Finally, I appreciate your desire to advertise your plugin but the tag at the bottom of my site provides an easy link for anyone wishing to defeat my copy protection. Kind of counter-productive for me.

    It is now to the point that it really doesn’t even encourage “honest people to be honest.” Hardly worth the problems that it causes.

  31. jack parler says:

    I don?t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. :)

  32. hai…i already install wp-PreventCopyBlogs to my blog but it still not working and in install plugin just have “deactive and edit” only no setting. how can i setup disable right click…?
    what wrong with my blog?

  33. hey jack,which is your wordpress version?

  34. Is there any way for me to disable right-clicking on just one page? Not the whole blog, only one page.

    What I’m trying to do:
    I’m creating a table with hundreds of links inside it. I want to prevent people from copying all the links. If they wanted to click on each link, then copy the url one at a time, that’s fine with me. I just don’t want them to be able to right-click and copy the link.

    Can this plugin do that?

  35. i’m getting the “duplicate comment” message

  36. can u explain the error a bit more?

  37. my last message was from this page telling me that my comment was duplicated even though i only submitted one. that’s not a problem anymore.

    could you tell me if your plugin would allow me to protect my table of links?

  38. Hi! Great plugin! I’m so happy with it :)
    I have one question, though. Does this affect in any way Search Engine Results? Does it have some SEO impact or the way that googlebot indexes my content? I don’t want to have any problems :)

    Thanks in advance

  39. no problems for sure:);)

  40. it is a very good information please keep updating

  41. Is it possible to apply the “righ click disable” option to specific pages only, and not the whole blog?

  42. i am making that in my next version:)

  43. Great plugin. I need to install it soon as someone has already copied my content and published in his blog. I came to know because of a link to my existing post. Thanks a lot :-)

  44. Hi! I want to know what happens when other affiliate websites provide a back link. I hope they’re sparred!

  45. Since I am not computer / IT savvy so I have activated this plugin in my blog with simple setting (no database related settings)

    I have read above that the admin will simplify the database related setting in the coming version. I will wait until the next version come out and hopefully I can use this plugins to maximum in the next version.

  46. hi Floris,
    i can help you easily…can u come online at any time?…

  47. Very nice blog, your article is interesting, i have bookmarked it for future referrence

  48. How to disable “right mouse click” without the message?
    Is it possible to allow the readers to open new tabs?

  49. Hi there,

    Nice plugin! I´m also trying to find a plugin to avoid users to save content (using File > Save as.. in browsers). Some way to save some fake.htm instead.

  50. Hi
    I’m using the plugin and I have two questions:
    1- Is it possible to “disable right click mouse” without the message?
    2- Is it possible to allow the readers to open new tabs?

    Thank you!

  51. The plugin has created a database error that has locked up my blog. Help!

  52. I have disabled the plugin, cleared out the database and imported a backup from before installation of the plugin, upgraded WP to 2.9.2 but I still have this error message:

    Warning: mysql_real_escape_string(): 16 is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/riverwri/public_html/wordcurrents/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 478

    Warning: mysql_error(): 16 is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/riverwri/public_html/wordcurrents/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 713

    • Your error wont be a part of my plugin for sure.Some other plugin is the reason for this..please verify this or i can help u out…

  53. Hi,
    Does the disabling of right-click feature really work with Opera Browser?


  54. how do I prevent someone from “dragging and dropping” the image from the web page to their desktop?

  55. Thanks for this interesting plugin.

    I would be great if it could auto add to the database like dbmanager – it would save a bit of time :)

    worpdress is now 2.9.2 – I will upgrade my test site first to make sure all plugins are working ok.

  56. My site uses the custom cursor. I really like the plugin because I had a lot of people copying the contents of it, but only that my cursor is scam posing with the function:”<body style="cursor:…." and your plugin uses the function: "disableSelection(document.body)".Will you be using custom cursor in my site and the plugin at the same time? modifying site code or changing the plugin code? help pls

  57. Hi,
    Is this Plug-in OK to install on a site that is using WP 2.92?

  58. My site uses a custom cursor and when I activate your plugin, the custom cursor works only on links. The code that I use in the header is:


  59. “Disable right click” is not working with Opera browser.

  60. Looks to be a great tool but It seems ctrl+ still functions
    to copy content. Thoughts?

  61. I am just starting to load content, and a friend recommended your plu in. I am just wondering whether it’s ok with WP 2.9xx?

  62. Hi, I found this blog article while searching for help with JavaScript. I’ve recently changed browsers from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox 3.1. After the change I seem to have a issue with loading JavaScript. Every time I browse site that requires Javascript, the site does not load and I get a “runtime error javascript.JSException: Unknown name”. I cannot seem to find out how to fix the problem. Any aid is very appreciated! Thanks

  63. Must be more user friendly. Most of us aren’t techies and this database stuff should be automated so little to no tech know how is required. I’d like to use the plugin but I can’t figure it out.

  64. this was working just fine before the last update, but now conflicts somehow with one of my analytics code. I use GetClicky javascript to track visitor, and since I upgraded the plugin, it only tracks half of the visitor. I downgraded the plugin, and everything just went back to normal :(

  65. Disabling right click will definitely help. So will the other features. I don’t think I have a big problem with my content being stolen but it does happen.

  66. Hi,

    Love your plugin, thanks. My only problem is with your credits that get displayed at the bottom of my blog. I wish it wouldn’t use the default colours I have set for links. In mine its green and well, its very noticeable. I wish it was all in gray just to make it a little less noticeable. Its not such a problem on my main blog but on my client blog the blog entries are short and it looks like part of the blog entry. Not sure if that makes sense.

    More importantly it actually replaces the credits given to the template I am using. I don’t really think that is fair since they should be given credit too. Plus, I don’t want people thinking I intentionally deleted those credits.

  67. Strangely i visited this site but found preety useful information over here. Thats very important to save content from fraud users who try copy other data.


  68. Thanks for eye catching free wordpress theme.I just installed one successfully on my friends website.



  69. Anonymous says:

    I’m using the plugin for my blog, and it’s great but my problem is with the comments, when I write a comment I should clear all the lines to reach the word which I want to edit, I’ve disabled the plugin and tried to write a comment then edit and I didn’t have any problem. Is it possible to help me with that?

    Thanks for you help.

  70. “Is it possible to apply the “right click disable” option to specific pages only, and not the whole blog?”

    Ditto. Thank you! Great plugin!

  71. Dmitriy says:

    And when? already been waiting a new version ;)

  72. Just installed and tested WP-PreventCopyBlogs and discovered that was trying to copy my website – oops that’s Google! I’m a bit concerned that the plugin might affect my Google ranking

  73. Very nice!

  74. Im running with an error when I try to install the plugin.

    “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

    Any clues to solve it?



  75. I think this is good plug in for wordpress

  76. … This is certainly exactly what I happen to be looking for. Just how long did it take to compose this? Thanks a ton for this brilliant info.

  77. ipad covers says:

    Hello , I’ve read some things on this site and I believe that it has helped a lot. There’s still a heap I need to be told thus can keep learning and can keep coming back back. Thanks.

  78. It’s very super plugin.


  79. haha good plugin to scare the copycats..
    I am going to try it now.

  80. I’m not sure why this plugin necessary. Could somebody tell me?

  81. This is so much better than what I was expecting to find in a prevent copy plugin.

    Thank you so much for making this available, I’m going to install it on all of my blogs.


  82. Great plugin. Congratulations!!

  83. What is this plugin’s effect on Google spiders and rankings? Will it prevent Google from spidering content and images? Thanks.

  84. We use this plugin everyday. It is a great way to safe guard our intellectual property.

  85. thanks for the helpful info….the plugin works great.

  86. At least for me this plugin works perfectly fine, thanks, copying can really be a nightmare.

  87. I installed your plug in, set disable right click, but the right click will not disable

  88. Hi, I wish I’d have known about this WP Plugin earlier. One of my high ranking feeder blogs was copied word for word. I only found out by accident but then it was too late. I am about to rebuild several feeder sites and they will include the Prevent Copy Plugin for sure.

  89. Good plugin. However, is the download the latest version of wp-PreventCopyBlogs plugin? Thanks.

  90. Ok i’ve fix my bug with your plug-in by editing wp-zoomimage.php and in particular way the $fancyzoom_path variable! it wasn’t set to the correct path!Now it works perfectly! Share it to help other people ot fix it!

  91. Virgil Elliott says:

    It isn’t work for me. Right click still working…
    Well, it’s the second no working no-right-click plugin I’ve tried. Maybe is the theme I’m using ( Magatheme ) because the first plugin I had used with another theme was working…

  92. I love this plugin. Copying info is very unethical.

  93. This way better than the other copying preventing plugins. Thanks!

  94. hallo, im from so my english knowledge is not that superb. Please dont blame me. I read online journals to make my english better and say that your blog was perfect readable for me, because the english is really great and all the posts are perfect readable. I will come back, to improve my english even more. Thanks a lot :)

  95. It is beautiful….
    But this ip. adress message is a bit scary, i only want to lead visitors to tne contact area, if they have questions.
    Anyway, great work!

    P.P: Is the Google spider, this most revered visitor, going to have problems?

  96. That’s the cost of being a popular site or blog. People tend to copy your content once it become popular. So this plugin will discourage those activities.

  97. Sounds like a great plugin, however… What happens if the person stealing your copy simply uses a proxy server? Surely then your plugin would be rendered useless? Tracing the offender would be impossible.

  98. Thanks for this plug-in but i am looking for some plugin who automatically embeds link of copied page in copied text ..

  99. This plugin does not function. I still can copy text and images.

  100. I installed to one of the my site and it’s working good. Thank you.

  101. Thanks a lot for providing this plugin

  102. I like this sentent so much. I have many sentent for you. That just about says it all, doesn’t it?

  103. Many thanks for taking this opportunity to discuss this, I’m strongly over it and I benefit from learning about this subject. If possible, while you gain data, please update this web site with new information. I’ve found it extremely useful.

  104. It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why
    their is a problem in the first place

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  106. i usually buy books online because i do not have time to visit the local bookstore ‘

  107. Awesome plugin, I’m gonna try it right now!

  108. What happens if they pick up your copy via a RSS feed?

  109. Hello,

    First of all this plugin is most welcome great work on it !

    2. when i enable the IP Record option with the server info (user & password) it’s hiding the menu that i have in the site.
    here is a link to the site:

    3. i think that i will translate this plugin into Hebrew because i love it that much :-) will update you on that.

    Best Regs,

  110. Great add-on…Thanks. I’m tired of seeing my content on other people’s blogs.

  111. This will be great for all of my wordpress pages thanks!

  112. very nice pl?ugin

  113. What a blog!, Good to see more people writing about this subject.

  114. really useful plugin, now make me feel save about my content.

  115. I didn’t even know such a plugin existed, until I stumbled upon your site. Will try it out. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  116. Very good and necessary plugin. I want to thank you.

  117. Downloaded this plugin. Will give it a try. Thanks. Nice site, I will be back.

  118. Seems good… will try it out…

  119. How does it really know though if the user tried to copy it? Does it prevent them from highlighting the page and using control c?

  120. twilightfairy says:


    Is there any way i can remove or at least move that “copy protected by techtips…” etc to the bottom of the page, instead of (0,0) on my webpage?


  121. It’s working good, i suggest to everyone.

  122. Great plugin, just downloaded and tested….worth the donation for sure!

  123. Hi, I wish I’d have known about this WP Plugin earlier. One of my high ranking feeder blogs was copied word for word. I only found out by accident but then it was too late. I am about to rebuild several feeder sites and they will include the Prevent Copy Plugin for sure.

  124. If only such a plugin existed to prevent the copy of articels published on ezinarticles. I came across my recently published article on a about a dozen websites and only one had republished it leaving the original article intact.

  125. I have found that articles posted into ezinarticles are harvested while they are processing because I have come across my article content on other websites doing keywork research even before it was even approved for publication by ezine….
    will look into this plug for my new wordpress site for sure

  126. this plugin is great for sure. than for share. donations given

  127. demo :) ?

  128. Thanks for this plug in !

  129. Very nice plug-in. I’ve found my writing scattered all over the Internet. Some are autoscrapers and some I suspect are done by hand – the automatic ones often just take a random chunk. I don’t worry about it a lot, but it is annoying.

    Unfortunately, nearly any type of text protection can be defeated. Fortunately though, most of the people who steal content either don’t know how, or aren’t willing to take the time to do so (and automatic programs can’t do this I imagine).

    Again – nice plug-in – should take care of 95% of the random text grabs! :)

  130. A person necessarily help to make severely posts I might state. This is the first time I frequented your web page and thus far? I amazed with the analysis you made to make this particular publish amazing. Wonderful job!

  131. thanks your share, i like this plugin :D

  132. Great plugin, just downloaded and tested….worth the donation for sure!

  133. I have noticed that a few other sites have been picking up my content and posting it as there own- so this is exactly the plug-in I have been looking for. Thanks to the developers!

  134. Yea this is brilliant, thanks for the share. :)

  135. I used to think I had it bad because I had no , then I met a man with no.

  136. Fantastic publish. I had been checking your blog and that i’m impressed! Very useful info specially the last portion :) I care for this kind of info lots. I wanted this specific information for a very long time. Thank you and all the best ..

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  139. Hi my blog is about earn money online and my wordpress version is 2.9 can i use this plugin ?

  140. First time i developed my blog, this plugins i will using with it, thxs for share :)

  141. oh man, i had so many issues with copycats… i have my own wp plugin now :)

  142. Hi! I’m kinda new to WordPress and needs help how to locate my server name so I can use the full functionality of your plugin? Also, which username and password and database name will I be using? Thanks!

  143. hi – not entirely sure of the legality of recording people’s ip addresses? is this ok these days?


  144. I am so happy this works for 3.x :) i almost skipped it thinking it wouldn’t.

  145. It isn’t work corectly for me. This plugin record all visitors to database, not who want to copy my content. :( WordPress 3.3

  146. thanks youu

  147. This is exactly what I am looking for

    Thank you so much

    more than 50 websites till know took my righting without mention my name

  148. Really worthwhile article

  149. En,Useful plugin,help me peotect my site to copy.

  150. Lot people use right click, how if make visitor can’t copy our image but still can use right click. Maybe you can change the target image when people save it, or drag & drop it. that will make you plugin perfect :)

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