May 29, 2016

WordPress Plugin:WP-ZoomImage With CopyProtect

I was searching for a proper script to zoom or pop out images neatly which are embedded in my wordpress pages. I came across fancyzoom script which does my job,but i need to integrate this script my wordpress.Also,another issue which is common in gallery sites or image linked sites is,copyright violence.So,I have written new plugin “WP-ZoomImage With CopyProtect” which does both,copyprotection for website owners and zoom out page codes.WP ZoomImage brings Integration of Copy Protect feature with FancyZoom which pops up images on a page without having to load an entirely new page.

WP-ZoomImage With CopyProtect


1.Pop Up images or Zoom out with a click.

2.Enable Message displayed to your user when he does fraudulent actions.

3.Disable Selection of you text and Right Click for users depending on the option.

4.You can see zoom effect automatically on any direct link to an image . * Any title=’…’ attribute in your link automatically turns into a caption.

You can pop up an image or thumbnail by just clicking on it and it will disappear when you click it again.It is demonstrated in the image shown below.


Stable release till wordpress 3.x

How to install and use

* Extract and upload the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
* Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
* Go to Settings and then WP-ZoomImage to configure.


PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Whatever be the amount you donate,it will be a great help to me to pay for the server costs.I will list you in donors section of the plugin below this post and also in my plugin settings page of next version release .reply here or mail to

Donors of this plugin

Please donate and i will add your link.


Stable release till wordpress 3.x

Suggestions ,Comments and doubts

If you have any suggestions or doubts,feel free to comment here and i will reply to you as soon as possible.Please leave mail id’s so that i can mail you back.Make your content copy protected and feel happy of it.

For bloggers and any other sites,make copy protected by referring Copy Protect your Websites or Blogs from Fraudulent Users

Installation and Usage help

The message is displayed when the user tried to copy.The message can be configured in the settings section of the plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zooming Image is not working properly after i updated the plugin.

Answer:If you are finding issues after updating the plugin,click on “update option” in the admin page of the plugin.You may enable some options and later you can disable them.


  1. It’s absolute like what I’m looking for – a plugin which simply zoom images. Thank you very much!

  2. Will check this plugin out!

  3. Dosent seem to make anything, is there additional actions for me to do?

  4. Interesting plugin, trying it out now. Thanks.

  5. Hi, zoom function is not working in version 1.1

  6. It is working…If you are facing any problems,just click on “update options : in the plugin admin page.

  7. Hi, all features are working correctly, except the main one: zoom. “SetupZoom” is undefined (showed in IE error)
    Do you have any tips to make it work?
    nice job, anyway!

  8. on your own site here, when the image is clicked on, I can still right click on the image and save it to disk, so I don’t see how you claim this plugin keeps images copy protected. its not copy protecting images at all

  9. honeymeet says:

    Hi buddy, I m very lucky to have contact with you. Bro. i need rapidshare premium acount & i have also subscribed to your newsletters & left comments also. Actually i have got many work assignments from my college & i urgently need rapidshare premium account.
    I m very thankful for all the help & support. May god bless you.

  10. Hi, I recently started a bloghosting platform (based on wordpress MU) and when I stumbled your blog I paid attention to your theme (looking good) so I was wondering can you tell me is it custom made theme or one of those free ones? thanks in advance! regards, blogiskewl

  11. Awesome, worked perfectly for me first time. I’ll be using this across all my WP’s. Thanks very much, you’re making us look good!

  12. Loving the site so much to choose from!

  13. Hi – Not sure what the problem is but I have installed this plugin on 2 sites and it works on one and not the other. Initially it didn’t even work on the first site but then all of a sudden it was working. Is there something i am missing – I have followed your instructions – is it meant to just automatically zoom all images that have a URl or should there be an option – its only the zoom feature i want – Thanks

  14. Thanks man. I will donate tomorrow!! everyone should do the same.

  15. redinpdx says:

    It’s not working at all for me. I have installed the plugin corectly and it is having no effect. I am useing WP 2.9.2 and the F8lite theme.
    Could there be a conflict with my theme?

  16. redinpdx says:

    I tryed “update options a couple of times and it didn’t do anything

  17. Something wrong says:

    Behind the photo i have another bigger white background image. Why? Can u resolve it? Thank you for this plugin. Magnifico !

  18. love this plugin, but after you zoom into the image, i’m missing the close image. I can recreate, but where would I place it?

  19. Hi,

    I’ve got the same problem as stated above: it is not working at all! I’m using WP 3.0.1. Installed plugin through WP, activated it. Then updated options, updated pages and published all. To no avail :( There is no zooming, the image is shown as usual, according to options (in separate window or the same).
    Although there is something which IS working – setting your plugin options works fine: I can disable right-click and can enable displaying warning message.
    Could you please advice the next step.


  20. Will publish the blog this week and send you an address. Now it can be seen only from within my corporate network.
    BTW: I’m using the standard WP3.0 theme ’2010 Weaver 1.2.1′, subtheme ‘Simple Silver’ and I’m using WP as CMS for static pages.
    Thank you for prompt reply :)


  21. OK, so my IT admin has just changed paths and other parameters, so the site should be available from the outside (cannot test it just now, however…).

    He said also, that WP I’m using is looking for some Java scripts in the main (root) directory, which are not there, of course. No user soft is allowed to write anything there (an will not be permited, ever). He identified at least two of them: js-gegenral.js and addDOMLoadEvent.js. Does it have anything to do with your plugin?
    I’ve found such entries in the main page code:

    var zoomImagesBase = ‘/’;


    Isn’t the backslash at the beginnig denoting root?


  22. Sorry, forgot about tags… Again, then :

    {script type=’text/javascript’>var zoomImagesBase = ‘/’;{/script>
    {script src=’/js-global/FancyZoom.js’ type=’text/javascript’>{/script>
    {script src=’/js-global/FancyZoomHTML.js’ type=’text/javascript’>{/script>
    {script src=’/adddomloadevent.js’ type=’text/javascript’>{/script>
    {script type=’text/javascript’>addDOMLoadEvent(setupZoom);{/script>

  23. It seems that function call get_option(KEY_FZOOM_DIR)in the line

    $fancyzoom_path = get_option(KEY_FZOOM_DIR).”/”;

    returns an empty string, although I don’t know why.
    After forcing $fancyzoom_path to absolute path the script seem to work, almost. It zooms, but does not draw shadowed border arround the pop-up.


  24. After provissional fixing with glue and sticy tape I experimented with different browsers:
    * IE8 – there is neither shadow nor close button
    * FF3.6 – there is no shadow along the borders, although there are close button and angled shadows at the image corners
    * Chrome5 – there is shadow and close button (the only browser where everything is working properly).


  25. Hi,

    I’m using WP 3.01 and have installed the plugin. Right click functions perfectly – but no zooming. I’m just uploading images in the normal way using the media insert button above the toolbar. I’m choosing to insert such images in thumbnail format (150×150). But these images don’t zoom when looking at them in a browser. Left clicking just brings them up in the default full size in the same window (normal WP action) What else am I supposed to do/add when uploading pictures? This is a site which is under construction by the way.


  26. This is really a great stuff thanks for sharing. Keep it up. I will bookmark this blog, and will come back often. Hoster

  27. Hi i have some problem with this plug-in. It seems to not work properly. Protection works perfectly but i haven’t no zoom ! link work normally (open new html page). Can anybody help me PLEASE?

  28. Just installed the plug-in, but zoom is not working. I’ve linked directly to our blog in this comment. Feel free to contact me directly. I’m happy to donate if I can get it working!

  29. This is just what I’ve been looking for. Going to try it out now :)

  30. Thanks for spending your time with programming such a useful plugin. I hope it will help to prevent people stealing my pics.

  31. johnugeorge says:

    Sorry for my delay…Do anyone face any issues in making plugin working….??

    Please use the latest plugin zip file from

    Remove the previous wp-zoomimage-with-copyprotect folder from wp-content (if you have installed my plugin earlier)and then extract this zip fie to wp-content folder.
    and let me know the results..It is perfectly working for me with latest version of wordpress.

  32. I have installed in configured the plugin, but the zoom is not working properly. On left click the image opens but ti’s the same size as the orginal, just positioned elsewhere on the page. Am I missing somthing? I’m using WP 3.0

  33. Don’t expect your 150×150 image to zoom to 450×450.

    What you need to do, is to upload your 450×450 image using WordPress’ ADD AN IMAGE, and then use the RESIZE feature before you drop the image to your post. Also, don’t delete the LINK TO URL as points out to the original image.

  34. Great one.
    Since i have got many photos at my blog, think i need this one.
    hope it will works fine for me.
    does it support wordpress 3.0.5?

  35. I like this site well. This full supported. I like this and I am happy visit in this site. Thanks share.

  36. great resources for helping to protect images!

  37. very gooooooood plugin i like it it is vrey good

  38. Hi John

    I am having the same issue as above. I am using the latest version and WP 3.1.3.

    The copyright bit works but the zooming does not.

    Ant ideas?



  39. I think the problem is with $fancyzoom_path

    The rendered HTML shows additional // to the paths where the scripts are supposed to be.

    But I son’ seem to be able to edit that…


  40. Great plugin, just what i was looking for. Thanks a lot…

  41. Great plugin I installed in all my WP sites but there’s a small issue with the zoomed images, image is displayed behind the top nav menu,I was playing around with CSS but nothing helped.Any suggestions?

  42. This is what I was looking for a plug-in, Thank you very much!

  43. Definitely believe that which you said. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the web the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while people think about worries that they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  44. Can I make a suggestion? I believe youve got one thing great here. But what if you added a couple links to a webpage that backs up what

  45. I liked the plugin very much. Thanks for sharing!

  46. so much nice and interesting plugin… thanks 4 sharing… ;)

  47. Wow nice plugin, I need this type of plugin for my tech blog where I usually use a lot of images on how to articles. This plugin will defiantly helps the visitors to browse more articles on our site. Thanks for this plugin, will give it a try.

  48. Awesome plugin ..Thanks

  49. Hi
    Your plugin is just wonderful. It works great for me. However, I have embedded videos from youtube etc on my sites’s page. I am calling these video links via tinymce. The only problem I am facing is when I click any image which is placed near to the embedded video, the image opens in a popup but it goes below the video so overlapping problem.
    The image should come on top of the video but video is on top of the image so its too hard to see some part of image.

    Please share information regarding this issue.

    Thank you

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