Awesome Ways To Make Your Cheap Clothes Look More Expensive

Summer is done and school is back in session, yay homework! After splurging on that awesome summer break, your account balance might not be looking so favourably at the shopping list on your dresser. Everybody’s going to be coming back with a new look and that new wardrobe, and you most definitely do not want to be left out. Well, here’s how you do it: this post details some pretty awesome ways to make your cheap clothes look more expensive.

Tailor them!

Nothing says cheap better than a pair of loose-fitting slacks, or a skirt that looks like it could take two of you. Instead of announcing to the world that you shopped at the surplus store, stop over at a tailor on your way home and get that garment fitted. You definitely would not spend so much on the cost, and you’ll come out looking like a million bucks.

Take out the adornments

Plain, unadorned clothes always look more expensive than those with a million frills on all the sides, except of course, that the embroidery, sequins or beading was done by professionals using high quality materials. Avoid buying the cheap varieties; you will only look cheap in them. If however, you have already gotten them, head on straight to a tailor and take out the adornments. Let your accessories be the only extras on your clothes.


You can never go wrong with the right kind of accessories. A beautiful ear ring, a bright necklace or one of those classy hats can be all that goes right with an outfit, and at the same time completely transform the wearer into a diva. If you know how to accessorize, you can use them to transform your looks no matter how cheap your other clothing.

Don’t wash so much

Faded clothes always look cheap, even if you are Kanye. Stop washing your clothes all the time. Detergents and soap tend to bleach out colours leaving your fabrics looking older and cheaper. Try and wear your clothes as many times as you can before you have to wash them. If they are stained, spot clean with a sponge, and if they are smelling, putting the cloth in a freezer overnight can rid it of any odours.

Buy black over colours like brown or mauve

Black is the universal colour for exotic, chic and expensive. Brown colours and other earthy colours like mauve often look washed out, dinghy and poor. If you are buying clothes, no matter how cheap they are, go for black or plain white or other bright pastel colours. A nip, a tuck and a stitch in the right places on one of these will have you looking luxurious.

Wear with confidence

It really is not about the clothes, it is the wearer. You could wear a pair of designer loafers with such a lack of grace and poise, someone would think you snatched them out of a dollar store rather than off the rack at Bloomingdale’s. Wearing your clothes with confidence and pride injects your personality into the fabric, causes your clothes to shine on you.