Commercial Collection Agency: Experts in Transportation

The transport industry is extremely competitive and you want to be saving as much money as you possibly can. A fast and efficient collection of your overdue receivables is an important aspect of running a successful business. Alexander, Miller & Associates specialises in commercial debt recovery, as well as on-site investigations. Specialising in the transportation industry, including cars, trucks and other types of vehicles, they offer a large number of collection options. If you want an alternative to time consuming, expensive lawsuits that can drag your company’s name through the mud, look no further than AMA.

The AMA Team

The company has a large team of various experts, including private investigators, commercial collection agency transport specialists, certified examiners in fraud and many other professionals that work together on your case. The Alexander, Miller & Associates team has over 60 years of combined experience in their field and are the best representatives for your company when it comes to commercial transport collections. We use all the latest technological advances to our advantage, using powerful software to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

On-site Investigations

Whatever the reason for an on-site investigation, you want a trustworthy team of experts to be the case. Alexander, Miller & Associates provides you with state-licensed private investigators that can carry out this task for you. They understand the importance of remaining respectful towards the debtor and refrain from harassing them. Instead, they can take records of all liquid assets on the property; perform asset liability investigations, interview employees on the site and more.

Company Assistance Program

The company also offers a CAP service. This Customer Assistance Program is designed to help improve and maintain the relationships you have with your customers. It offers them payment options and helps when they fall behind on payments. All the admin work in this area is taken care of for you, along with careful and diplomatic communication that clearly explains the situation to your customer. It focuses on two main things: Being appreciative to the customer for their service, and clearly explaining in polite terms that they are behind on repayments and are required to make the payments and clear their balance. Above all, the professional tone of your company will always be maintained.

Alexander, Miller & Associates has several partners who specialise in lending money, which the team can draw upon when necessary. They work alongside your customer, putting into practice creative financing solutions that allow you to receive your due payments while retaining excellent customer relationships. The company will always keep you informed of what is happening during an exchange with a customer, particularly if they are refusing to make a payment or are unresponsive to the communication.

Alexander, Miller & Associates takes care of maximising recovery of overdue receivables so that you are able to concentrate on the most important aspect of your business, selling. You can submit a claim today and let this top company do all the hard work for you.